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In a short time our habits have changed radically and

we immediately thought how to give our customers all our services in the best possible way.


At the Reception

  • Indications for the rules of conduct regarding Covid-19

  • Telephone numbers to contact in case of medical need

  • Possibility to buy masks at the hotel for those who do not have them

  • Possibility to disinfect luggage

  • Marked safety distance between one guest and another

  • Employees with masks and gloves

  • Alcohol-based cleaners available for the guest

  • The lift button panel is regularly sanitized

  • The room key is left to the guest for the duration of the stay

  • The keys and the relative key ring are sanitized at each change of guest

  • The staff handling the luggage has gloves and masks at their disposal


  • The sanitation rules adopted are reported

  • The guest is given indications on how the rooms are sanitized and how regularly

  • The remote control in the room is regularly protected and sanitized

  • The room is thoroughly sanitized when the guest leaves

  • The courtesies in use in the bathrooms are disposable

  • The staff who take care of the refurbishment of the rooms are equipped with individual protections


Common Areas

  • There are signs with the indications of sanitation and regulations provided

  • There are information signs for the maintenance of distance and the delimitation of spaces

  • There are special bins for the disposal of gloves and masks and in general personal protective equipment used

  • Common areas are regularly sanitized

  • In the common toilets there are sanitizing gel dispensing devices available to the guest

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